Monday, 17 January 2011

So, I lost one

*Warning: Here be Spoilers ahh matey!*

So I lost one, a book that is from my 150 book challenge. I didn't want it to happen and I didn't intend for it to happen but it happened. The book was 'My sister's keeper' by Jodi Picoult and I tried really hard to finish the book but it just wasn't happening. I probably made the mistake of watching the film first but if i didn't I wouldn't have tried to read the book.
  The general plot line of the book is about Anna Fritzgerald who undergo's countless operations and surgerie's so her sister Kate can fight her battle with leukema. Anna was concived for this reason to be a donor for her Kate. Anna is thirteen years old and has no say in the matter of whether she wants things taken away from her or not so she goes to a lawyer for the rights to her own body. Anna wont give up her kidney which Kate needs which annoys her mother Sara.
The book is narrated by the different characters so every chapter is narrated by a different charater. Anna's and Jessie's narration was quite easy and simple to read by the book in my opinon became complex and difficult to read when Brian (the father) and Sara (the mother) began to narrate there side of things. During these chapters a lot of medical Jargon was used and long paragraphs describing medical treatments filled the chapter. I skimmed these bits, but it got to the point where I was skimming more than I was reading of the book, which I found completely stupid so I flicked to the end.
  I found out at the end of the book that Anna becomes brain-dead after a car accident and dies which is not what happens in the film. In the film Kate dies at the end and Anna lives which is the version I like better. I like Kate but I think Anna deserves a like which is given to the charater at the end of the film. So when I found this out I didn't read anymore of the book because it just annoyed me greatly.
So I don't think I'll be reading anymore from the author but I will watch the film again because I enjoyed the film.
 I'm annoyed I lost a book from my challenge and annoyed that I didn't get to finish it. I like to finish books once I've started them and I could have finished this one but I wouldn't have really read it because most of it I skimmed over. I only wasted a day reading that book, still a day mades all the difference people!
That is all.

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