Friday, 3 June 2011

A Quick Note

Just a quick note, I do appologise if I review some books and don't review others. I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging and still only getting to grips with the whole process. I hope to liven it up by having a rating system hopefully with pictures as well as pictures of the actual book I'm reviewing, if I ever learn how to do it. I also should probably stick to a specific genre rather an a wide variety?  I don't know about that one because I want to read a mixture to prepare me for Uni.
 I also can sometimes read slow depending on how busy my week is. Sometimes it's busy, busy. busy and others I get to read more : )
I just thought I would get that out now.
Thanks M X

Perfume by Patrick Suskind

Perfume is about Jean Baptiste Grenouille, the main character of the book with an extraordinary gift: a powerful sense of smell. He takes work as an apprentice to a Perfumer where Jean turns his love of smells into beautiful smelling perfumes. Slowly Jean becomes obsessed with capturing smells but there is one he cannot capture: the scent of an innocent young virgin. In order to create the ultimate perfume he must have this ingredient, and Jean will stop at nothing to claim it.

The book is narrated and tells the readers about Jean rather than showing Jean’s life.  I must admit too much of being shown could get quite boring, but having to sit and read paragraph after paragraph of Jean’s life without any dialogue to break it up is a really bad thing for me unless the writing is fun to read (for example: Harry Potter

I watched the Film/Movie of Perfume many years before actually reading the book, so I was well aware of the story and the general weirdness to the story. Still it amazed me just how weird the story is upon reading it. We’re reading about a guy obsessed with capturing smells so much so that he has to kill women left, right and centre in order to claim their scent. So he doesn’t see a woman but a walking scent he can claim as his own. Yes that isn’t weird at all.

The weirdness doesn’t stop there though; no it carries on leading us into an unbelievable ending which is damn right weird. I saw that in the film/movie and I couldn’t believe it then. The word Eww springs to mind. Still as a lover of Perfume myself, I will say this: that Perfume he had with him at the end must have been bloody good stuff.

All in all, Perfume must have been one of the weirdest books if not the weirdest book I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  I won’t be reading it again though but I might watch the film/movie again so I can relieve the weirdness all over again : )