Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day one

I started my reading Challenge yesterday because it seemed fitting what with the first day of the new year and everything. The book i started with was Cast in Chaos by Michelle Sagara. For those who have not read the books the series follows Kaylin Neya a private Hawk with a complicated past on the road to self-discovery. In every book Kaylin learns a little more about herself and her powers as well as winding up in some sort of trouble.
 If you like the Fantasy genre and a good Heroine then I recommend the book. Well, I recommend starting from book one and finishing with book six. I'm not one for jumping leap-frogging through series, I have to read from the start to the end other wise you might miss important bits.

I expected Cast in Chaos to be a chunky monkey and I wasn't disappointed. At 503 pages It's a chunky bugger, which might not seem like a lot but when you have a deadline to fulfill it is an overwhelming number. My mind then started to calcuate, reading a book a week will leave me reading 52 by the end of the year, PANIC! ( Yes I did take a while to realise how many weeks are in a year, even though I should really know this by now)

 It wont be as bad as I first thought, I'll read the book in no time and have my number one with 99 left to go. Victory will be mine!
I could always read skinny Minnie's but then that wouldn't be very fun either, it wont be challenging enough. It takes the challenge right out of the word challenge. Now I must continue reading so I can make a review.

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