Monday, 17 January 2011

So, I lost one

*Warning: Here be Spoilers ahh matey!*

So I lost one, a book that is from my 150 book challenge. I didn't want it to happen and I didn't intend for it to happen but it happened. The book was 'My sister's keeper' by Jodi Picoult and I tried really hard to finish the book but it just wasn't happening. I probably made the mistake of watching the film first but if i didn't I wouldn't have tried to read the book.
  The general plot line of the book is about Anna Fritzgerald who undergo's countless operations and surgerie's so her sister Kate can fight her battle with leukema. Anna was concived for this reason to be a donor for her Kate. Anna is thirteen years old and has no say in the matter of whether she wants things taken away from her or not so she goes to a lawyer for the rights to her own body. Anna wont give up her kidney which Kate needs which annoys her mother Sara.
The book is narrated by the different characters so every chapter is narrated by a different charater. Anna's and Jessie's narration was quite easy and simple to read by the book in my opinon became complex and difficult to read when Brian (the father) and Sara (the mother) began to narrate there side of things. During these chapters a lot of medical Jargon was used and long paragraphs describing medical treatments filled the chapter. I skimmed these bits, but it got to the point where I was skimming more than I was reading of the book, which I found completely stupid so I flicked to the end.
  I found out at the end of the book that Anna becomes brain-dead after a car accident and dies which is not what happens in the film. In the film Kate dies at the end and Anna lives which is the version I like better. I like Kate but I think Anna deserves a like which is given to the charater at the end of the film. So when I found this out I didn't read anymore of the book because it just annoyed me greatly.
So I don't think I'll be reading anymore from the author but I will watch the film again because I enjoyed the film.
 I'm annoyed I lost a book from my challenge and annoyed that I didn't get to finish it. I like to finish books once I've started them and I could have finished this one but I wouldn't have really read it because most of it I skimmed over. I only wasted a day reading that book, still a day mades all the difference people!
That is all.

Friday, 14 January 2011

The wonders of Joss Whedon and Firefly

It's been a while since I last blogged and I'm terribly sorry. I've been busy with the whole work, work, College work thing (work=bore ) but I've managed to squeeze in time to watch Firefly!
I watched the first episode a few days ago and to be completely honest here, I thought the beginning of episode one started off in a wierd place. Now that could be how the series ends I don't know, all I'm saying is I found it strange to start off with and made me wonder whether I had skipped an episode or not. I continued with it though and didn't get into it straight away, it took me a couple of episodes but I finally succeeded into falling under Firefly's spell.
Now while we're on the subject of Firefly I would just like to say one thing, and that one thing is: Nathan Fillion (aka Malcom Reynolds) Seriously people, how hot is he?!
I didn't think I would even think that about him, I mean I saw him in Buffy the vampire slayer program before I saw him in Firefly I think (don't hold me to that.) He played this priest person I think but he was evil. I didn't think anything of him while he was in Buffy, but watching him in Firefly and it's like "Hel-lo" very wierd.
What can I say about the rest of the crew? I'm liking Zoe and her Kick -Arse attitude. I like a female who can stick up for herself. I'm not too sure about her husband (I swear he dies in Serenity film.. hmm)
I haven't watched many episodes but I can't wait to watch more and then the film so I can finally understand it, and then weep because it's over :(.  We don't see much of Joss Whedon in the U.K any more. He needs to make more series because I was a major fan of Buffy when that was on T.V and becoming a fan of Firefly, damn him.
oh well, I must go and watch more :)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It has been four days since the start of the New Year and it's taken me that long to decide on goals for the year ahead. I decided against the resoultions because I just don't stick to them, or change them to something else so by the time Christmas comes around again I would have changed them like five times. Goals I think are the way forward which I will actually stick to and succeed in completing. They are as follows:
  • To watch all of the star wars films-I have only seen bits of the films or a film. I don't actually know what bits I have seen belong to what film. In the past I've avoided the films just because I didn't understand them and the thought of people running around spacey type worlds with lightsavers is quite comical. I still find it comical but I will seek them out and watch them instead of running away from them and marvel and the brilliant imagination of Lucas something or other (Lucas is the director?)
  • To read more- I read way to much already but not nearly as much as I should. I aim to be like Matilda in the BFG or similar. I just want to go into a bookstore or a Libuary and say 'I've read all of that shelf and the one below it.' that be so cool.
  • To write more- I have my own stories to tell and not writing as much as I should, but that could be difficult what with all the reading I will be doing this year hmm haven't thought that one through, but then I am a female and we are known for multi-tasking.
  • To watch Firefly- I didn't catch it the first time it came out on T.V and I probably didn't even have the right channel to watch it on so I wouldn't have made a difference. I've seen the feature film and didn't really understand It but I wasn't aware at the time you had to watch the series and then the film. So I shall do that when I get round to it, should be an easy one to complete since there is only one series.
I can think of so many more to add to this list but I wont, I'll keep it short and sweet and report back next year to tell u I failed or succeeded. I'm hoping on the latter then changing my name to Matty, because Matilida is taken. Only joking :)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day one

I started my reading Challenge yesterday because it seemed fitting what with the first day of the new year and everything. The book i started with was Cast in Chaos by Michelle Sagara. For those who have not read the books the series follows Kaylin Neya a private Hawk with a complicated past on the road to self-discovery. In every book Kaylin learns a little more about herself and her powers as well as winding up in some sort of trouble.
 If you like the Fantasy genre and a good Heroine then I recommend the book. Well, I recommend starting from book one and finishing with book six. I'm not one for jumping leap-frogging through series, I have to read from the start to the end other wise you might miss important bits.

I expected Cast in Chaos to be a chunky monkey and I wasn't disappointed. At 503 pages It's a chunky bugger, which might not seem like a lot but when you have a deadline to fulfill it is an overwhelming number. My mind then started to calcuate, reading a book a week will leave me reading 52 by the end of the year, PANIC! ( Yes I did take a while to realise how many weeks are in a year, even though I should really know this by now)

 It wont be as bad as I first thought, I'll read the book in no time and have my number one with 99 left to go. Victory will be mine!
I could always read skinny Minnie's but then that wouldn't be very fun either, it wont be challenging enough. It takes the challenge right out of the word challenge. Now I must continue reading so I can make a review.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

So It begins

So, I've decided to create a blog because It's a new year and I've wanted a blog for ages but haven't got round to making one. I think why the heck not, while I blog I can develop my writing skills and confuse the nation with my whirlwind of scattered thoughts.

As It's a new year I've set myself a reading challenge I hope to complete before Christmas 2011 or maybe New years Eve 2011 because It will give me more time to read books. I'm going for a hundred books, which I'm confident I will reach long before my deadline, but you never know what's around the corner.  I could end up blind in a couple of months and have to listen to audio books. I'm not saying that's a bad, thing I personally tend to get bored with listening to them, I would rather read. 

I don't have a New Years Resolution yet and maybe that's a good thing, because how many people actually stick to their resolution's? i know the resolution's I have made in the past I have given up halfway through them or forgotten them and changed them to something else.

So without further ado, let the whirlwind of scattered thoughts start.