Saturday, 19 February 2011

Book review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I finished reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater today, and I think it deserves a review just because of how good it was.  

Shiver is about Grace and Sam. Grace was attacked by a pack of wolves when she was younger and only survived because of a yellow eyed wolf protected her. Since then she has watched the woods for the yellow eyed wolf to appear. Every winter her yellow eyed wolf makes his appearance and every summer he disappears.

Sam is the yellow eyed wolf Grace watches for. He is a wolf during the winter because the cold changes him into a wolf, and a human during the summer because the heat changes him to a human.
 Grace and Sam connect in ways they have not connected with others before. They also feel deeply for the other in a powerful way. As the winter draws closer Sam must fight to stay human, to stay with Grace. Grace doesn't want Sam to change back into a wolf because it could be his last change.
  The relationship between Grace and Sam unfolds as they explore communication between touch, taste and speech. Their time is limited however as winter draws closer bringing with it colder weather. Sam has little time left in his human body before reverts back to his wolf form.
   Shiver is written beautifully by Maggie Stiefvater. She describes things in vivid detail and describes emotions in such a powerful way that the reader actually goes through the pain or hurt the character is feeling. Some parts of the book actually brought un-shed tears to my eyes which wouldn't have happened if the writing wasn't so well done.
 I couldn't decide whether to read the book or not at first because some of the recent reviews of the book had rated the book rather poorly, and also the book is aimed at teens and sometimes the teen books can be quite young. I'm glad I ignored my doubts though and went ahead to read it anyway. I did find the book dragged in the middle during the summery happy days, but winter soon made it's appearance, bringing with it danger for the book's young couple.
I would highly recommend the book for anyone who enjoys the 'Paranormal Romance' genre.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Boy, can I pick them

It's been ages since I last blogged and I've read a few more books since then (eight in total) I also got round to watching Toy Story 3 again (yay!!)
 I have to say that the last two books: 'The Prince of Frogs' and 'The Notebook' were really  a waste of paper and reading time. I found the whole reading experience annoying and endlessly wishing the book would hurry up and end.
Night's Rose
So I stumbled upon this book and 'The Prince of Frogs' in the library. I was immediately captured by the titles and front covers of the books. I also saw on the back of 'Night's Rose'  that the book is based upon the fairytale 'Sleeping Beauty'. Now I loooove fairytales, So naturally I snapped the pair of them up in a hurry and checked them out.
  Rosemarie Edenbery (sleeping beauty) is the heroine of the story. She was not awakened by a kiss but by the pain of  pushing out ogre shaped children (because an ogre raped her) and while this is going, on her friend Ambrose is watching it happen (weird?). So she goes around kicking the arses of ogres everywhere with the help of two men, Gareth (a vampire) and Ambrose (a faerie)
I thought the book was ok-ish but mostly weird. There wasn't enough of the original fairytale in it for me, but in replace a weird version. I liked Gareth and not Ambrose, but the whole love triangle got confusing.
The Prince of Frogs
 The second book was even weirder if that were possible. In this book Gareth and Rose are married as they got married at the end of the last book. Gareth begins to act suspiciously making Rose doubt her husband and Rose still feels for Ambrose (shocking!)
Gareth is hiding a secret he doesn't want to tell anybody so he disappears for a while leaving Rose to give in to her urges and strip the clothes from Ambrose's body (in an alleyway none the less) and then bam! Gareth appears.
 I grew annoyed with Rose's constant flitting between the two men. It was obvious she wasn't happy with a husband, she has to have a bit on the side as well. As for Gareth's secret, I found this the most weird. I mean come on half vampire and half frog? is that even possible?! and then at the end of the book Rose gets two husbands instead of one, cue the sex scenes.
 I didn't understand how she can go from hating Ambrose in the first book, who was watching her while bad things happened to her, and then love him in the second?  weird.
The Notebook
I read this because I saw the film a while ago and loved it, so I naturally wanted to read the book. I actually paid money for it, So now wishing I had just rented it from the library.
I didn't enjoy the book, I found it stupid and annoying. I didn't like the why the author wrote the book either so NOT going to read another of his. The whole romance was so bleh!  but the bits when the pair were older were better. I think they were wrote better than the rest of the book.
Ok, that was a pretty lame review, but it annoyed me so I shoved my feelings out of my head for that book so there.
 And as for Toy Story 3? Loved it, loved it, loved it. What more can I say?