Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It has been four days since the start of the New Year and it's taken me that long to decide on goals for the year ahead. I decided against the resoultions because I just don't stick to them, or change them to something else so by the time Christmas comes around again I would have changed them like five times. Goals I think are the way forward which I will actually stick to and succeed in completing. They are as follows:
  • To watch all of the star wars films-I have only seen bits of the films or a film. I don't actually know what bits I have seen belong to what film. In the past I've avoided the films just because I didn't understand them and the thought of people running around spacey type worlds with lightsavers is quite comical. I still find it comical but I will seek them out and watch them instead of running away from them and marvel and the brilliant imagination of Lucas something or other (Lucas is the director?)
  • To read more- I read way to much already but not nearly as much as I should. I aim to be like Matilda in the BFG or similar. I just want to go into a bookstore or a Libuary and say 'I've read all of that shelf and the one below it.' that be so cool.
  • To write more- I have my own stories to tell and not writing as much as I should, but that could be difficult what with all the reading I will be doing this year hmm haven't thought that one through, but then I am a female and we are known for multi-tasking.
  • To watch Firefly- I didn't catch it the first time it came out on T.V and I probably didn't even have the right channel to watch it on so I wouldn't have made a difference. I've seen the feature film and didn't really understand It but I wasn't aware at the time you had to watch the series and then the film. So I shall do that when I get round to it, should be an easy one to complete since there is only one series.
I can think of so many more to add to this list but I wont, I'll keep it short and sweet and report back next year to tell u I failed or succeeded. I'm hoping on the latter then changing my name to Matty, because Matilida is taken. Only joking :)


  1. Ooh, I want to watch the star wars films too!

    And I'll lend you firefly if you like ^_^

    There's a comic that links the tv series with the film. Mum accidentally bought he first one, I dont know if there's more but it covers most of it...

  2. I'm very unsure about watching star wars, didn't really like them from the bits i've seen. I will however succeed in watching them!