Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen lives in a post-apocalyptic future in Panem, a capital surrounded by twelve other districts.  Every year two children from each district are chosen to appear in the Hunger Games; a cruel reality TV program where contestants fight to the death on live TV.   When her sister's name is called, Katniss steps forward and takes her sister's place in the Hunger Games. Katniss sees it as a death sentence, but Katniss has survival skills and has learnt to survive before. Katniss and the baker's boy Peeta are transported to the Capitol where they must train before being placed into the arena where the Hunger Games take place.
 The Hunger Games are deadly and terrifying and only have one rule: Kill or be killed.

I decided to read the Hunger Games just because of all the good ratings it had been receiving and the talks of a film coming about about it. So I ordered a copy from my local library and waited eagerly until I could read the book which has been the talk of the year it seems so far.  
  At 454 pages long, the book is a chunky Mother, and upon seeing the book I did start to change my mind about reading it. I stuck with it because of the reviews dotted about on the cover of the book and inside the first page.
 The first part of the book for me dragged mainly because nothing much was happening. I was eager to read about the actual Games themselves, and didn't much care for the character's background history.  The book picked up for me when Katniss steps forward and she is thrown into preparation for the Hunger Games event along with Peeta.  I read constantly until I reached part two, my heart raced in anticipation at what was to come and I think I sat down for too long because I was beginning to go numb in some places as well.
 During the second part of the book, the Games start and it became impossible to stop reading. We followed Katniss as she fights for survival and we see as readers just how horrible these Games truly are. I read in shock just how willingly these children are to kill another just to be crowned winner of the Games.
The final part of the book is just too important for me to put down and stop reading. By this point I have gotten so in to reading the book that I don't care whether I am suffering from Hunger or thirst because I have sat in one place and read for so long, neither do I care that I am actually tired and have to go to work soon. I read and read and come to the end all too soon, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because I finally get to read who has won the Games, and it is a bad thing because It means that the book will be over shortly and I haven't the second book to follow on with.
 As I read this book I couldn't believe it and yet I could at the same time. I have seen reality TV shows where it seems the only thing producers are concerned about is ratings, and if ratings are low then it means they need to think up mean ways to hike the ratings back up.  I was shocked because of all the deaths airing Live on TV that people in this capitol were watching.
 T his book amazed me, and for ages after reading it I could not stop thinking about it, and literary had to tell anyone who would listen about it even if they didn't care.  I loved the first person point of view, which for me makes it all the more real and completely fits the story line. I also in the end loved the length of the book because if this book had been shortened it wouldn't have been  as good.  I now have to wait to read the second book which I'm hoping will be as good as or if not better than the first book. Fingers crossed!

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